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How does the Construction companies works

  How does the Construction companies works The construction industry starts by taking projects. The clients can be an individual, private firms, local authorities, schools, colleges & institutions, or any central government department. The clients decide the design of the project, they also mention the specific time span in which they want the project to be completed. The prices depend on the design of the project that the clients have chosen. Some construction companies provide complete services like construction services, interior designing, furniture & fixture, and more, but some companies provide only the construction services it all depends on the size of the company. Client satisfaction, on-time project completion & quality work are the most important factors construction companies should pay attention to. If the clients are a local authority or company (other than an individual), they hire a consultant who would guide them in the construction process. Basically, t

Essential Equipment for a Construction Company

  Essential Equipment for a Construction Company   As we all know construction companies cannot function without heavy types of equipment. Starting a Construction Company is quite challenging, as it involves the purchase and installation of heavy equipment. Here is a list of basic & essential equipment required in every construction company.   Excavators  The basic & essential equipment required in a construction company is the excavator. Excavators are very versatile. In a construction company, the excavators are used for digging trenches, holes & foundations. They are also used for demolition, material handling, general grading/landscaping, lifting & placing of pipes, brush cutting with hydraulic attachments. There are various types of excavators namely, Crawler excavator, wheeled excavator, suction excavator, hydraulic excavator, long reach excavator & more.    2.     Dump trucks  Dump trucks are also known as tipper trucks. The Dump trucks are us

How to start an interior designing business

  How to start an interior designing business      Business Name & Registration Choose a good & catchy name for your business. The name of the business should be unique and should determine your services. Do not choose any complicated names or names that are difficult to pronounce. It should be simple & elegant. Company registration is the most important thing. Register your company & get the required license to work as an interior designing company.   2.       List of services  As an interior designing company, u need to decide what services you will be providing to your clients. 2D & 3D design layout, Civil space Planning, residential interiors, Modular kitchen, master bathroom, office interiors, retail shops & showroom interiors, restaurants & cafeteria designing, furniture & fixture, false ceiling, wallpaper & painting, glass & lightening, waterproofing POP, flooring, Hi-tech home automation system, tiles & marbles, these are t

Why do Construction Companies fail?

    Running a construction Company successfully is not easy. The industry is full of risks & challenges, which can sometimes lead to failure. According to the US department of commerce, contracting & construction businesses have the highest failure rate of any other business.   1.     Investment & working capital Construction companies require huge capital to run the business. A large amount of capital is invested in fixed assets like tools, heavy equipment, vehicles, and more. Not having enough capital for investing in fixed assets is one of the reasons for the failure of construction companies. At times construction companies do not have enough working capital & reserves to overcome the expenses & unexpected losses which turn out to an increase in liabilities.    2.     Cash flow  Cash flow management is another reason for the failure of construction companies . Cash flow, the cash that comes into the business (cash inflow) & goes out of the bus