Essential Equipment for a Construction Company


Essential Equipment for a Construction Company


As we all know construction companies cannot function without heavy types of equipment. Starting a Construction Company is quite challenging, as it involves the purchase and installation of heavy equipment.

Here is a list of basic & essential equipment required in every construction company.

  1.  Excavators 

The basic & essential equipment required in a construction company is the excavator. Excavators are very versatile. In a construction company, the excavators are used for digging trenches, holes & foundations. They are also used for demolition, material handling, general grading/landscaping, lifting & placing of pipes, brush cutting with hydraulic attachments. There are various types of excavators namely, Crawler excavator, wheeled excavator, suction excavator, hydraulic excavator, long reach excavator & more. 

 2.    Dump trucks 

Dump trucks are also known as tipper trucks. The Dump trucks are used for transporting loose materials such as sand & gravel or demolition of waste. Dump trucks are automotive trucks used for the transportation of bulk materials. There are various kinds of dump trucks namely, articulated dump trucks, rigid rear dump trucks, site dumpers & front dumpers. Dump trucks are not as versatile as excavators but are very essential machinery for construction companies.

 3    Bulldozers

Bulldozers are used in infrastructure development, road building, mining, forestry & more. Bulldozers are used for rough grading, removing trees, stumps & boulders, shallow digging & ditching, and more. The bottom edge of the bulldozer has blades used for cutting trees. Bulldozers have a ripper, final drive, cab (space for the driver to sit & operate), Tracks/tires, Engine, push frame & blades. Bulldozers can be used in fields, plains & areas with irregular lands. 


  • 4.    Backhoe Loaders 

Backhoe represents the mix of both excavators & bulldozers. Backhoe loaders are very commonly used in construction companies. They are used for various tasks such as, small demolitions, digging holes/excavations, landscaping, paving roads, light transportation of building materials breaking of asphalt & more. 





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