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What is the legal procedure to register a construction company in India?

  In this article, we will talk about the registration procedure of a Construction company in India Construction companies can register like the following Partnership Firm Limited liability Partnership firm Private Company Public Limited company Proprietorship Firm Procedure for registering a  Construction Company Name of the Firm — The first thing is to decide the name of the company. If it is a Private Company, the name of the firm can be XYZ private Lmt. If it is a Public Company, the name of the firm can be XYZ Lmt. Objects of the Company — The memorandum of associations of the Company contains the main objects of the company that are required while pursuing the activities of the company, the main object of the company should include the construction & infrastructure activities. Preparing the documents required for the registration of the  construction Company Following documents are required 1. Pan card 2. Aadhar Card 3. Bank statements 4. Address Proof (electricity bill can w

How to start an interior designing business

  1. Business Name & Registration Choose a good & catchy name for your business. The name of the business should be unique and should determine your services. Do not choose any complicated names or names that are difficult to pronounce. It should be simple & elegant. Company registration is the most important thing. Register your company & get the required license to work as an interior designing company. 2. List of services  As an interior designing company, u need to decide what services you will be providing to your clients. 2D & 3D design layout, Civil space Planning, residential interiors, Modular kitchen, master bathroom, office interiors, retail shops & showroom interiors, restaurants & cafeteria designing, furniture & fixture, false ceiling, wallpaper & painting, glass & lightening, waterproofing POP, flooring, Hi-tech home automation system, tiles & marbles, these are the various types of services interior designing companies

Role of Mechanical Engineers in Construction Companies

  In the construction industry, mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, establishing, and maintaining all kinds of mechanical tools & components. The Demand for mechanical engineers in the construction field is always increasing because the role of a mechanical engineer in a construction company is very much essential to carry out all the mechanical-related activities. Roles & Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer in a construction Company Mechanical Engineers are responsible for implementing & monitoring all the mechanical-related operations at the site as per the approved designs & methods. Mechanical Engineers design the plans & specifications for the installation of equipment. During the time of installation, if any problem arises, mechanical engineers are responsible to solve the query &should make sure that the materials are installed correctly. Attending meetings for discussing the project, go on-site to ensure the work is happen

Office interior designing ideas

  Open floor plans To make your design look modern plan it as an open floor. Fewer walls look more appealing and spacious. It enables multi-space facility, collaboration, accessible changes in the floor plan whenever necessary. An open floor plan makes it easy for the employees to get around, engage & interact with each other. 2. Colors The psychology of colors says that colors have an effect on people without even them being consciously knowing or understanding it. Use colors that pass energy and positive vibes to the employees. You can use colors like orange, summer sun, ripe orange, greens, blues, and yellows. These colors are commonly used in corporate offices as they are fresh and they also give a modern look to the office space. 3. Multi Spacing Versatility help in office   function well. If the office space serves multipurpose space it helps in getting the jobs done well & quickly. In small offices also space can be used for multipurpose. 4. Furniture Comfortable and mod

How do I become an Interior Designer

  Interior designing is the art of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier & pleasing environment for the people living in that  space. The Interior designer is the one who plans & designs the interiors of the house. Drawing skills & creativity are the two most important aspects to become an interior designer.  Eligibility 1. Educational Qualification : To become an interior designer you nee d  to pursue a degree in  interior design . Some of the popular interior designing are B.A, B.Sc, B.Des (bachelors in designing), Masters in designing, M.Sc, & MA. To get admissions for the bachelor’s degree 10+2 is mandatory. They do know about the general layout & structure but have limited information about the finishes, interior designing, lighting & electrical features. 1. Provide a list of specifications Brief the contractor about the finishes. You need to provide them a list of specifications if you have any. You should always be clear abo

Never Make these mistakes while constructing new house

  Never make these mistakes while constructing a new house 1. Not paying attention to HVAC system HVAC stands for heating, ventilation & air conditioning, Poor planning might lead to an issue. When the HVAC system is not proper your HVAC unit will not work efficiently and your condenser might burn out. There are several factors for the failure of an HVAC unit, if they are not maintained properly it might lead to a serious issue. 2. Poor planning Pay attention to sp a ce planning. Oversizing things in the house like a master bedroom, huge kitchen area, & balconies of more than 2 are not considered a good plan. Whether the space is big or small avoid oversizing when there is no necessity. When there are too many storage rooms it covers the main areas of the  house like living room , bedrooms & kitchen. 3. Under-utilizing rooms Avoid including rooms like guest rooms, gym room & others. Include these rooms in the plan only when u are sure that they will be used. These types