How to start an interior designing business

How to start an interior designing business

1. Business Name & Registration

Choose a good & catchy name for your business. The name of the business should be unique and should determine your services. Do not choose any complicated names or names that are difficult to pronounce. It should be simple & elegant. Company registration is the most important thing. Register your company & get the required license to work as an interior designing company.

2. List of services 

As an interior designing company, u need to decide what services you will be providing to your clients. 2D & 3D design layout, Civil space Planning, residential interiors, Modular kitchen, master bathroom, office interiors, retail shops & showroom interiors, restaurants & cafeteria designing, furniture & fixture, false ceiling, wallpaper & painting, glass & lightening, waterproofing POP, flooring, Hi-tech home automation system, tiles & marbles, these are the various types of services interior designing companies provide you need to determine the types of services you will be proving. Make sure you are not taking projects which you cannot handle.

3. Uniqueness 

Never copy the designs from the internet or any other source. When you start working on your projects have a uniqueness in them. When you add your style to the projects that are when you will be known for your work. Your projects must show your uniqueness and your style. 

4. Build a website

Having an online presence is equally important. Have a professional website for your business. State all the services that you provide, past projects, ongoing projects & upcoming projects of yours.

5. Build a portfolio

Build a portfolio of your interior designing business. In the beginning, you might not be having a portfolio, that’s completely fine it is not necessary to have a huge portfolio at the initial stages. You can include the images of the designs that you made in the past may be as a student or an intern in the initial stage.

6. Prices 

Set the rates for every service you provide. Estimate the cost for the service & fix the price accordingly. Take advice from your seniors when it comes to pricing because the prices you fix for the services should not be either high or low. 

7. Study your competitor

At the initial stage, it is important to observe & implement the strategies of your competitors. Do complete research on the services that they offer, the prices, timeline & all the other aspects of your competitors.

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