Latest best Kitchen Trends 2021

Kitchen Trends 2021

1.    Dark Surfaces/ Platforms

Dark surfaces are in trend for a very long time. Dark surfaces give an elegant look. You can use colors like Black, navy blue, or dark grey. Dark Surfaces can be more easy-going than light surfaces and do not instantly show up stains & scuffs. You can contrast the dark surfaces of the kitchen with walls and cabinets.

           2.  Gold Finishes 

Gold is another royal and elegant color to add to your kitchen. Gold goes well with dark surfaces & light color cabinets. You can choose a color from the different shades like Metallic Gold, rose gold, silver gold, Copper Gold & more. Gold can also complement the lights if u decide to add some.

3. Marbles 

If you want to give your kitchen a luxury & a next-level style, add marble to your kitchen design. Marble with natural veining adds statement value and creates a textural and polished finish to the kitchen. You may use marbles like “Carrara”, this is one of the most popular marbles used in the kitchen interiors, and “Calacatta marble” is another very famous, rare & expensive marble used in kitchens. Adding marbles in your kitchen interiors might be slightly expensive but it is all worth it. Its high sustainability, durability, and ability to withstand passing trends make it a good investment. 

4. Smart Storage

When it comes to storing groceries and utensils in the kitchen it required space. Storing items in your kitchen can be a mess sometimes. Organize your kitchen in such a way that it stores all the items and also looks appealing to the eyes.

The kitchen interior is incomplete without adding lightning. You can use white or golden lightning in the kitchen.


6.    White Kitchens 

There are so many reasons why whites are popular in the kitchen. White conveys cleanliness, freshness & simplicity. White Cabinets are great, as they give that fresh clean minimal look, and also they are great for layering up color & texture.


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