SMS marketing for construction companies

SMS marketing for construction companies


What is SMS Marketing?


SMS Marketing stands for Short Message Services. SMS Marketing is a marketing technique that uses text messages to communicate offers, updates & reminders to Customers. 

Marketing via SMS might seem old-fashioned, but if used correctly it can turn out into an effective marketing strategy for your construction company

The First thing to know before starting SMS marketing is, the message what you send should provide value to your customers. A Message that merely draws attention is unclear, and does not provide any value to your customers can make them annoyed. 


Reasons to Use SMS Marketing for your Construction Company 


  • When you get a notification on your mobile you definitely have a look at it once. SMS marketing grabs the instant attention of the audience.
  • SMS Marketing not only gets opened by users frequently but also has a higher response rate. The Average response rate for SMS Marketing is 45%( ref -
  • Many customers prefer SMS for Communicating. 70% of the audience says that SMS marketing is a good way for businesses to get their attention.
  • You can send an update about your completed projects & upcoming projects to the audience.


How to Use SMS Marketing for your construction Company


  • Asking permission - Just because you have the mobile numbers of people, you cannot just start sending messages randomly. Companies should always take permission from people before sending them messages. 

  • Use SMS Marketing Tools – Instead of sending the SMSs manually, it is always better to use SMS Marketing tools. These tools automate your SMS Marketing campaigns. These tools help you to track your results. You can see how many people opened the SMS & how many of them clicked on the link.

  • Keep it Short & valuable – SMS are not the correct format to send customer long paragraphs. Try to keep the text as short as possible. Start with something attention-grabbing.


Tools that can be used for SMS marketing for your construction company 


1.    Mobile monkey

Mobile monkey is one of the recommended tools for SMS Marketing. This tool enables your SMSs automated, you can view the customer profile. This tool also has a feature in which you can add the mobile numbers to the subscriber's list based on keywords. There are several other features in Mobile Monkey that make SMS Marketing effective.


2.    Simple Texting 

Simple texting is another tool for running SMS Marketing campaigns. For any Marketing activity analytics is important, Simple texting provides you reports in detail of how the campaigns are running with information like the number of new subscribers, how many of them unsubscribed, how quick the responses are, and much more.


3.    Text Magic 

Text Magic is one of the best tools for sending text messages to customers quickly. Just because text magic makes it easy doesn’t mean it is not powerful. You can build a contact list by importing from the excel sheet or you can enter it manually. You also get templates to add calls to action like Book appointments, appointment confirmation, send quotations, and more.  

There is a number of other tools that make your work easy & also provide proper analytics of the campaigns. 


SMS Marketing is for sure a good strategy for your construction business, but SMS Marketing can become irritating to your customer so using it in the right way is very important. 



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