Difference between Architect & Interior designer


Difference between Architect & Interior designer


Architects are skilled professionals who plan and design a building. Architects play a vital role in the construction of the building designed by them. They are trained in the art & science of designing a building. Apart from designing building architects are also responsible for the following

·       Concentrating on the mechanical, electrical, plumbing & other details of the building

·       Satisfying the building code & zoning regulations

·       Architects are supposed to provide the information relating to the structural & material details

·       Look out the budget & oversee the project

·       Communicating effectively with the clients to understand & design as per the client requirement

Interior Designer

Interior designer is responsible for designing the interiors of the building. Interior designers plan & design the accessories & furnishing of the house. Interior designers design the minute parts of the house like details in the kitchen, bedroom lamps, and more. They are responsible for choosing the colors to paint on the walls, designing the right furniture which goes with the house & its placements, which color curtains will go on the windows, and every single accessory in the house.

Interior designers also decide the hangings, clocks, flower vases, etc. Interior designers are experts in the color combining process. They are very well aware of the furniture that would go with a particular color in the house. Interior designers can completely change the look of the house. They can give the same house a modern look as well as an ancient look, as per the requirement of the clients.


The major difference between Architect & Interior designer

Design – The architects design the overall look of the building keeping in mind all the electrical, mechanical & other necessary aspects of the building. Interior designers design the interiors of the housekeeping in mind all the minute aspects like color, furniture & more.

Construction – Architects are responsible to oversee the construction of the project till its completion. Interior design does not involve any construction.

Focus – Architects focuses on the technical aspects of the building where are the interior designer focuses on the human psychology & emotional aspects of the house.



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