Questions to ask before hiring a construction company


Questions to ask before hiring a construction company


1.  Are you financially committed?

The most important thing to know before hiring a construction is their financial commitments. Going with the lowest price & sweetest talking often does not pay off in the end.             


  • 2.  Do you focus on a safety plan?

A safety plan helps to ensure the health of the on-site workers. The construction company that you hire should be able to provide the details about the safety measures. 


  1. 3.  How long have you been in the construction business?

Before working with any construction company it is important to know about their past projects & their work commitments. Construction is a huge responsibility that includes various factors, only someone who is experienced in this field can help you complete your project without any interruption. 


  1. 4.  Whether the firm is licensed & registered?

Never hire a construction company that is not registered & does not have a license. Further, if any legal problem arises, the company should be able to resolve it without any problem.


  1. 5.  Do they have a permanent office?

Make sure the construction company that you are planning to hire has a permanent office for your assurance. Any company that does not have a permanent physical office should remain off your list.


  1. 6.  Ask them to share a clear payment plan?

Before hiring the company, make sure that you are aware of their payment plan. The payment that you finalize should include all kinds of costs related to designing, planning, wages, etc. Any kind of hidden charges should not be appreciated. 


  1. 7.  What is the timeline of the project?

Ask the construction company about their timeline. if provided you can also ask for the timeline of each part of the construction. 



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