Never Make these mistakes while constructing new house


Never make these mistakes while constructing a new house

1. Not paying attention to HVAC system

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation & air conditioning, Poor planning might lead to an issue. When the HVAC system is not proper your HVAC unit will not work efficiently and your condenser might burn out. There are several factors for the failure of an HVAC unit, if they are not maintained properly it might lead to a serious issue.

2. Poor planning

Pay attention to space planning. Oversizing things in the house like a master bedroom, huge kitchen area, & balconies of more than 2 are not considered a good plan. Whether the space is big or small avoid oversizing when there is no necessity. When there are too many storage rooms it covers the main areas of the house like living room, bedrooms & kitchen.

3. Under-utilizing rooms

Avoid including rooms like guest rooms, gym room & others. Include these rooms in the plan only when u are sure that they will be used. These types of rooms cover huge areas of the house & end up underutilized rooms.

4. Placement of the bedroom

Make sure Bedrooms are placed far away from any noise & traffic. If you are planning a master bedroom in your house make sure it is away from the living room as well. The placement of the master bedroom should not be in the center of the house. The master bedroom should not share a wall with the living room.

5. Placement of kitchen

The kitchen should not be placed in the center of the house. Placement of kitchen should be near to dining room & living room. Make sure u plan a spacious kitchen to store the utensils & groceries. Have a good ventilation system in your kitchen. Hire a professional interior designer to design your kitchen. If you will design the kitchen by yourself you might end up making some mistakes.


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